Issue 1 and Volume 22.

THE FIRE ON THE CITY OF ROME. WHILE the fire in one of the holds of the City of Rome was unproductive of loss of life to the passengers and the cause of comparatively small damage to the ship herself, and while it was well, bravely, and skilfully fought, that does not absolve the authorities from the task of carefully investigating its origin. The probabilities are that it will be laid to the account of spontaneous combustion—that convenient scapegoat on whose unhappy head is thrown the blame of so many undiscovered fires. But, as in the recent case of the Mallory steamer, where a terrible loss of life accompanied a fire clearly traceable to the presence of matches in the cargo, a careful examination may be able to show that some such lading caused the jute to take fire on the City of Rome. If so, a full report should…

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