Issue 1 and Volume 22.

WATER WORKS OF NEWARK, N. J. WATER is distributed to the citizens of Newark through 210 miles of main, besides seventeen miles in the suburbs, of which only a very small portion is owned by the city. The cost of the extensions is met by a yearly appropriation of $20,000. The lead services are paid for by the consumer; the 29,646 taps are made by the water department at $14 for five-eighth-inch, and $20 for oneinch tap, including service pipe. The daily average consumption of water is 22,200.000 gallons—the maximum amounting to 30,000,000, and the minimum to 19.000,500. There are 1.952 fire hydrants, of which 134 are set in the suburbs. The ordinary pressure is from thirty to thirty-five pounds. Meters are compulsory only in factories and for connections, one-inch and larger. There are 1,640 in use, all of which are owned and repaired by the consumer, but confoled by…

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