Issue 2 and Volume 22.

TRIDENT WATER METERS. Two six-inch Trident water meters placed in vertical offsets, connected to an eight-inch main and leased to the Nashville, Tenn., water department to measure the water supplied to the exposition at that city are illustrated herewith. By manipulating the valves either meter or both may be stopped or operated. Their combined capacity is equal to 2,200 gal – lons a minute. As shown, they are provided with fish traps. Screens are also interposed between the inlet chambers and the disk casings; hence the liability to derangement from introduction of foreign matter is reduced to a minimum. The disk piston and ball are made of solid bronze composition. The disks cannot be broken even if foreign matter enters the measuring chamber ; and, at the worst, if bent and indented, they can readily be corrected without returning the parts to the factory. The bearings are bushed with solidified…

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