Issue 2 and Volume 22.

WELLS At Mount Forest, Ont., an artesian well is to be bored at the rate of $1.75 a foot, till at least $200 has been expended. I’he Balfour lot, one acre in extent has been chosen. It will be sold to the corporation if water can be struck. If not, all the owner asked was that the grounds be left in as good condition as formerly. The council has nothing further to pay until the work is completed satisfactorily, and the contractor guarantees that he will shut out sand from the casing; that one test of pumping of twenty-four hours duration, if necessary, would be given free, and additional tests at $2 an hour or twenty-four hours for $10. Lamar, S. C., will soon have an artesian well. At Cameron, Tex., an artesian well will soon be sunk at a cost of a $50,000. The well is primarily for the…

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