Issue 2 and Volume 22.

GREATER NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. ATRIOTISM comes high, but we must have it. The “glorious Fourth ” cost the fire department in this city alone quite a century of runs from Saturday morning to Monday night inclusive. During the whole of Monday, the firemen were kept rigidly to quarters, and the fire alarm system was so arranged as to show at once where every fire was. Fortunately, except for a biggish blaze on Sunday morning at One Hundred and Forty-fifth street and Third avenue—not unsuspected of being incendiary—in a “fireproof ” building, which by the same token was utterly gutted—there were no serious fires. The fire patrol men were also kept to quarters; but for them a lunch was provided bv way of making amends for the confinement. The fire patrol is not to be abandoned—at all events, not for the next two years. It may safely reckon on a…

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