Issue 2 and Volume 22.

METERAGE OF WATER. IT is interesting reading, that published by Charles E. Bolling, engineeer and superintendent of water works, Richmond, Va., on the use of meters. He says: There are now in the city 1,532 water meters, and as many premises, using meters have more than one supply, there are really about 1,200 premises which are supplied with water through meters. The whole quantity of water which passed through meters and was paid for amounted to 352,883,931 gallons, or eight per cent, of the whole quantity pumped. The total receipt for water through meters amounted ro $38,170 92,or twenty-two per cent.of the whole amount received for water. The average rate received was ten and eight-tenths cents per 1,000 gallons,whereas the average rate for water sold under ordinance rates was three and ninetenths cents per r.000 gallons. The complaints on account of high bills by meter have been very few, and…

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