Issue 4 and Volume 22.

WELLS The test wells recently sunk at the new site of the pumping station of the Great South Bay Water Company, Bay Shore, (L. I.), N. Y., furnish very pure water. Snow Hill, Md., has a well driven for the town water works which reaches a depth of 300 feet, and flows 5,000 gallons an hour. At the new Oconee pumping station for the Brooklyn water works, located on the J. M. Bergen farm, south of Jamaica, (L. I), N. Y., nine six inch wells are being driven and a supply of over a million of gallons a day has been obtained. Water of the best quality rises to the surface. Twelve wells are to l>e driven at this point. The seventy new artesian wells at the new water works plant, Morris Station, N. J., for the supply of Camden are all flowing freely. One of them yields 1,000.000 gallons…

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