Issue 4 and Volume 22.

BOSTON’S SELF-PROPELLING FIRE ENGINE. Boston’s self propelling steam fire engine built by the Man Chester Locomotive Works, has had several most successful trials in street work at all rates of speed. In the most crowded streets the engine can turn in its own length, runs smoothly, can change its direction quickly, is most perfectly under control at all times, and does not frighten horses. In a recent stream-throwing experiment it easily threw water forty feet in the air above the Chase Candy factory, using a one and one-half inch nozzle siamesed. A two-inch, one and three-quarter-inch, and one and five-eighth inch rozzzie were tried in turn, all siamesed, using 150 feet of hose for each. A stream at least 200 feet was thrown. Two lines were then taken with a one and one-half inch nozzle each, and the same length of hose; a good, strong stream was obtained from each…

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