Issue 4 and Volume 22.

PUMPING ENGINES Superintendent Cook of the Toledo, Ohio, water works, reports that the trustees entered into a contract with the H. R. Worthington Company of Brooklyn, for an exact duplicate of the vertical high duty 15,000,000 gallon pumping engine that was put in by the same company four years ago and has proven eminently satisfactory. The engine was delivered last May, and cost considerably less than the first one. The new centrifugal pump for sewerage purposes at Norfolk. Va., practically gives the city a twelve foot elevation. It cost $q.500and has twenty-inch suction and eighteen-inch discharge. The actual head worked against is twenty six feet; but when the pump is driven to its maximum capacity, discharging about 9 000 gallons of water per minute and forcing it through the discharge pipe, which is 1.600 feet long, the total head pumped against is equivalent to forty five feet. The engine has…

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