Issue 4 and Volume 22.

FIRE DEPARTMENT OF SALT LAKE CITY. NOTWITHSTANDING all the efforts of a certain clique in Salt Lake City, which for partisan reasons would fain oust him from his position, Chief Devine has been able to maintain himself in power by sheer force of his ability as a fire fire chief. He has been handicapped in every possible way. by the lack of sufficient apparatus, by apparatus not sufficiently up to the modern standard of efficiency, by the lack of hose and fire hydrants, by an insufficient number of men—twenty-seven in all—not one to every 2,500 of the population—the accepted proportion being one fireman to every thousand persons, and, not least, by meddlesome city officials, who, after taking it upon themselves to interfere with the chief in the management of a big fire,pretended to lay the blame of the loss upon him,and to accuse him of incompetency—even of cowardice—and to strive…

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