Issue 4 and Volume 22.

GREATER NEW YORK FIRE GOSSIP. BROOKLYN’S Eastern district will soon lose its old fire alarm bell tower, which is to be sold. It was the sole relic of the old volunteer fire department.—The fire commissioners of Long Island City, borough of Queens, have been handled without gloves by the grand jury for their sweeping reductions in the fire department.—The death of Joseph J. O’Donohue, of this city, occurred recently. He was very wealthy and was formerly a member of the old volunteer department.—The underwriters of this city and members of the fire patrol hope the new fire patrol committee will officially take action and call the attention of the municipal authorities to the big repair wagon that tears up and down the Broadway cable road and causes everything to clear the way for it. In color, make-up, bell, etc., it cannot be distinguished by the uninitiated from the regular patrol…

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