Issue 4 and Volume 22.

THE FIREMAN AS A RISK. (Continued.) CONSIDERING now the mortality of firemen from other causes, it is shown in the table which follows that tubercular diseases rank next to accidents as the most important cause in the mortality of firemen. The rates have been calculated in the proportion of 1,000 living, and deal with an aggregate of 19,297 lives exposed to risk of death one year. The total differs slightly from that in the first table, since for the city of New York the information of deaths by causes has not yet been published for the year 1895. Mortality of fire department employes from specified causes per 1,000 of aggregate force in four cities—19,297 exposed to risk one year: The local incidence of the mortality from principal causes is given in the next table, which will show the rates per one thousand of population for each of the four cities,…

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