Issue 4 and Volume 22.

SEWERAGE Boonville, Mo. is about to build two sewer mains as follows: Two stone abutments and two fifteen inch cast iron pipes; 10,300 feet more or less of first class, double strength, deep socket vitrified, salt-glazed sewer pipe connection, being about 5,500 feet of ten inch and 4,800 feet of twelve inch pipe; excavation, laying, and refilling for same, and also manholes and manhole rings, and covers. At Gates, Mo,, Monroe county. N. Y.,is to be built a circular brick sewer, about five feet, nine inches inside diameter, and about 1,300 feet long. Baraboo, Wis., will build sanitary sewers as follows: Two thousand two hundred and fifty feet of fifteen inch tile pipe sewer; 3.850 feet of eight inch tile pipe sewer; 600 feet of cast iron outlet pipe, eight inch diameter; forty-nine manholes; five flush tanks. Rochester, N. Y., will spend $13,000 in sewering seven streets. The trunk sewer…

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