Issue 4 and Volume 22.

IN A DILEMMA. FIRE and Water of London, finds itself hard put to it for something to say in defence of the equipment of the fire brigade of Manchester, England, which still reposes unlimited faith in manual engines and still pays 943 men to work them at fires. Our British contemporary, therefore, knowing it has a bad cause, abuses the plaintiff’s attorney, hoping thereby to throw dust in the eyes of the jury. The editor, however, was evidently painfully conscious of the absurdity of his attempt at special pleading, and, being obliged to admit the fact that in a goa-head city like Manchester, manual fire engines, with “943 assistants ’’(who are either kept for ornamental purposes or) to work these engines still form an important portion of the fire protection of the place—as stated in the superintendent’s report now lying before us, and from which we quoted when we commented…

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