Issue 4 and Volume 22.

THE DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH ON FIRE BRIGADES. In acknowledging the toast of his health as president of the British National Fire Brigades Union at the annual dinner in London the Duke of Marlborough called attention to the words “Discipline. Devotion, Courage, and Valor”—the motto of the Belgian Federation of Fire Brigades which had just been pinned upon his coat. as embodiment of the sentiments common to all firemen. He said that in all such associations the same sentiments of courage and devotion are held dear and that the people of all countries admit the value and merit of the fire brigades. But (he added) I cannot help feeling that there is still a large portion of the public whose attention has not been sufficiently drawn to the great and valuable assistance that you are rendering every day. It is very difficult to know exactly why the public do not appreciate…

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