Issue 4 and Volume 22.

FIRE REPORTS. Chief Geddes, of Elgin, Ill., reports that during the past year—the twenty-eighth of the department and the second under him as chief—there were sixty-five alarms of fire, of which eleven were false. The total loss was $7,894.30, of which $431 was not insured. All of the fifty-four actual fires were confined to the buildings in which they broke out; twenty-four to the floor on which they originated; and twenty-three to the room. Two new engine houses have been built—up-to date in every respect, and two modern all-steel hose wagons, supplied with fire extinguishers and ladders—manufactured by the Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company of Chicago. Five hundred feet of two and one-halfinch Maltese Cross hose has been purchased, and Chief Geddes asks for 600 feet more. Part of the fire alarm telegraph line has been rebuilt, thirty new poles erected, and three miles of line added. Chief Geddes recommends that…

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