Issue 4 and Volume 22.

METERAGE OF WATER. Superintendent Barrett, of the Norwich, Conn., water department holds emphatically that the use of meters should be encouraged and meters placed on all services, especially the larger ones, as a means of preventing waste and increasing therevenue. “Consumers (he says) who use water through meters do not allow water to run to waste. They make every consumer an inspector and pay for what they use— no more, no less. The only equitable way to sell water is by meter.” Inspector General John R.McGowen, of the Newfoundland constabulary under whom are likewise the fire and water departments, adverting to water waste, points out that it is one which affects nearly every water department, and by the examination of reports of other cities, l find the use of meters is, to a great extent, becoming universal as the only effective mode of the solution. I am convinced that in…

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