Issue 6 and Volume 22.

MISCELLANEOUS The new protective wagon for the Pittsfield. Mass., fire department, built by A. F & S. C. Stewart, of Rochester. N. Y., has been received. Chief Francis, says it is a perject beauty and is more than pleased with it. It is modern in every detail and style, and in finish it cannot be excelled. A. F.& S. C. Stewart,of Rochester, N. Y., have also just closed a contract for one of their latest improved hose wagons for two horses, with the fire committee of Oskaloosa. Ia It is to be full brass trimmings, painted white,and highly ornamented in gold. Orange, N.J., has selected oneof the Rumseysteel frame city trucks on account of its large and complete equipment of ladders and tools, its extreme light weight in comparison with the equipments carried, and also largely on account of its compactness and low height. S. F. Hayward & Co are…

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