Issue 6 and Volume 22.

WATER SUPPLY Mr. R. H. Adams, superintendent of the water works at New Decatur, Ala., was voted a $30 gold-headed cane at the Roman Catholic lawn fete in that city. Mr. Adams polled 1,269; the next highest on the list polling 662, showing that Mr. Adams is the “most popular man in town.” An iron standpipe will be built at West Arlington, Md. It will be forty feet in diameter and eighty teet high, inclosed in an ornamental brick case. The work will cost about $35,000. Scottdale, Pa., holds the Citizens’ Water Company responsible for the destruction of its $26,000 public school, and will not pay the amount due for water rent. The company is under contract to maintain a pressure of fifty pounds to the square inch. During the fire which destroyed the public school building it is claimed tlfat the pressure was but twenty pounds, and that the…

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