Issue 7 and Volume 22.

VIGILANT ENGINE COMPANY, YORK, PA. [Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.] THE Vigilant steam and chemical fire engine company No. 1, , is an organization of volunteer firemen constituting a portion of the fire department of York, Pa. This city, beautifully located in a rich and fertile section of Southern Pennsylvania, is an old settlement, having many historical reminiscences. During the Revolutionary war, when Philadelphia was in danger of the invading armies, Continental (Congress assembled and transacted business at Yorktown. The history of the Vigilant fire company extends back to colonial days, as it was between 1778 and 1781 that it was organized. A disastrous flood in 1817 destroyed many records; but,while the exact date cannot be ascertained, there is sufficient authentic evidence to indicate clearly its birth some time during that period. It was then called the Union fire company. On December 11, 1816, a meeting of the company…

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