Issue 7 and Volume 22.

BOSTON AND ITS SELF-PROPELLING FIRE ENGINE. BOSTON’S self-propelling steam fire engine, built at the Manchester Locomotive works, Manchester, N. H., is a double extra first-class engine, with a capacity of 1,850 gallons a minute. From the ground to the top of the engine is ten feet; its length over all is sixteen feet six inches, and its width, seven feet, three inches. Two engineers propel this engine. The chief engineer rides on the fire box, and has directly under his hand the levers and wheels which start, stop, and regulate the machine. The assistant engineer rides on what in an ordinary engine is the driver’s seat in front. A horizontal wheel is immediately before him, the shaft of which passes down through the footboard, and is firmly located through the front axle. This wheel steers the engine in exactly the same way as the rear wheels of the long hook…

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