Issue 7 and Volume 22.

FIRE NEWS The excel_____ent hall tone illustrations relating to the New Haven Fire Department, which appear in this issue were made by the publisher of FIRE AND WATER from portraits taken by Messrs. Corbin and Konold, of that city. In consequence of the great pressure on our space this week we have been reluctantly compelled to omit some important matter, including a letter from Chief Youlden, of Kingston, Ont. It shall appear next week. At New Haven, Conn., a recent fire was put out by the use of seltzer water. Some of the same constituents as enter into seltzer water, enter also into the compounds used by chemical fire engines. An accidental fire near Hanson, Tex., caused nearly 1,000 acres o( grass to be burned over, together with haystacks and much fencing. Oakland. Cal., will buy its new steam fire engine from the American Fire Engine Company. The Albert Lea,…

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