Issue 8 and Volume 22.

WELLS Fitzgerald. Ga., will drill a 1,000 foot well At Frederica, Pa., the well for the new water works system has been completed. The flow of water is good, and the water itself is excellent. At Dedham. Mass., the Hyde Park Water Company has recently driven thirty-one additional wells, which are yielding 600,000 gallons of water per day. “Where do you get water?” said the drummer. “Up the road about seven miles,” he replied. “And you haul water seven miles for your family and stock?” “Yep.” “Why in the name of sense don’t you dig a well ?” “Because it’s jest as far one way as the other, stranger.” A drummer, was recently driving across the country to a little town in Kansas, when he met a farmer hauling a wagon load of water.

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