Issue 8 and Volume 22.

“SPECIAL CONTRACTS IN WATER WORKS BUSINESS” COPIES are herewith given of the forms of the “Special Contracts in Water Works Business,” used by the water company of Peoria, Ill., and alluded to by Superintendent Maury, of that company, in his paper under the above caption read by him at the convention of the American Water Works Association at Denver in June last. The paper itself appeared in the report of the proceedings given by FIRE AND WATER of July 3: APPLICATION FOR WATER. PEORIA, II.I.., November 13. 1893. Register No. 3799. To the Peoria Water Company: We, being the owners of the premises hereinafter mentioned, hereby make application, subject to the ordinance, and to the rules and regulations of the Peoria Water Company, with which we hereby agree to comply, for the water supply for the Johnston Building, Nos. too-108 North Water street, extending through to alley between Water and…

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