Issue 10 and Volume 22.

THE A. S. GEAR HYDRANTS. ALONZO S. GEAR, of this city, has invented flush and post hydrants, illustrations and descriptions of which are given herewith. The flush pattern hydrant No. I (size five feet by five feet by six feet deep),designed to furnish an independent supply of water for fire, street sprinkling,and street cleaning purposes, consists of a receptacle or box placed beneath the sidewalk and street, and the dividing of the same, forming a cellar and a subcellar. In the cellar are placed one or more, preferably three true curved, unobstructed standpipes of one foot, four and one half inches,and two feet, three inches each, provided with a valve, not self-contained, that controls the water entering each independently for the use of the fire department; and two independent standpipes(one twoinch and one one-inch) provided with valves for street cleaning and street sprinkling purposes. Each department is provided with a…

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