Issue 10 and Volume 22.

THE CONTAMINATION OF DRINKING WATER The number of bacteria in drinking waters fluctuates greatly. Upwards of fifty per cubic centimeter will be found in ordinary hydrant water; in good pump water 100 to 500; in filtered river water, according to Gunther, fifty to 200 are present; in unfiltered river water, 6,000 to 20,000. According to the pollution of the water the number may reach 50,000. In densely populated and manufacturing districts the rivers and brooks are to the highest degree contaminated, and the color, consistency,and odor of many waters indicate that they deserve the name polluted, rather than water unqualified. The number of germs in a single drop of a heavily decomposed fluid, such as may gain access to rivers in the form of sewage, often amounts to millions. In the Spree at Berlin, according to investigation m: de in the Hygienic Institute of that city,there are from 3,200 to…

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