International Association of Fire Engineers.

Issue 10 and Volume 22.

International Association of Fire Engineers. (Continued.) WEDNESDAY MORNING SESSION. At this session the first business was the reading of the paper on Topic No. 3, “Should not tool wagons, for carrying extra appliances, be adopted in all fire departments having these extras, instead of loading same on fire engine?” by Chief Archibald, of Cincinnati, Ohio. The secretary read the paper as follows: Having been assigned to Topic No. 3 I take pleasure in presenting my views for your consideration. “Should not tool wagons for carrying extra appliances be adopted in all fire departments, instead of loading the same on fire engines, or on trucks?” The time-honored custom of carrying tools on fire engines, or trucks, presents many obstacles. All experienced firemen will doubtless recall instances where this practice has been a detriment. In addition to taking up too much room on the apparatus, it discommodes the members of the depaitment.…

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