Issue 10 and Volume 22.

WATER SUPPLY On account of a disagreement between the city council of Wellington, Kas., and the local water company as to the price to be paid for hydrant renewals, the latter body has just shut down the pumping plants, thus leaving the city without fire protection and necessitating the closing of two large flouring mills, a number of stationary engines, and all the repair works at t he Santa Fe roundhouse. At Cranston, R. I., the water rate dispute with the city has been satisfactorily settled. The council has exempted from taxation for one year the leading water mains extending from the reservoir near the Sockanosset pumping station to the city line on Reservoir avenue. The pipes belong to the city and are valued at $200,000. South Nyack, N. Y., is moving in the direction of a water plant for the supply of the village. Meadville, Pa., has accepted the…

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