Issue 11 and Volume 22.

LYNN. Convention of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association. TO MEET IN ESSEX COUNTY. SKETCH OF THE PLACE OF ASSEMBLY. LYNN’S FIRE DEPARTMENT. IN the year 1883, when,the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association was organized, its number of members, all told, was fourteen. Its objects were those common to all such associations—to bind together in unity the different fire departments in the State, to establish an association that should be for the mutual benefit pecuniary and social,of all the firemen of the State,and to serve as a means of promoting among them not only sociability and intercourse, but also the knowledge of their calling. The Firemen’s Relief Fund was created through the efforts of the Massachusetts Stata Firemen’s Association. In 1890 the State legislature voted and paid from the State treasury the the sum of f 10,000 to the treasury of the association, to be distributed by a boaid of commissioners for…

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