Issue 11 and Volume 22.

IMPROVEMENTS IN ST. PAUL’S WATER SYSTEM. After having been constructed for some months water was first let into the new concrete conduit at St Paul’s, Minn., on January 1, 1896. This conduit connects Otter lake with the open conduit leading to Pleasant lake. By actual measurement it delivers over 18,000,000 galions of water in twenty-four hours—the amount being ascertained by a test which showed that ten inches in the level of Otter lakes furnished the 108,000,000 gallons in that time. The Otter lake supply has been shut off and held as reserve supply. A wooden forty-two-inch conduit has been built from the weir chamber on the above mentioned Otter lake conduit to Centerville lake—a much deeper lake, free from the vegetable growth found in Baldwin lake—the smallest, shallowest, and last of the Rice lakes chain —one source of the city’s supply. The Baldwin lake supply in now shut off. Twenty-eight…

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