Issue 14 and Volume 22.

IRESERVOIR DEPOSITS NOT HARMFUL. Chief Trautwine, of the Philadelphia, Pa., water bureau, claims that the sedimentary deposits in the city reservoirs are not harmful. This was shown in 1886, when the deposits in the Lehigh basin were removed from one of the compartments. The sanitary committee of the board reported that an analysis of the water covering the deposits showed no absolutely injurious ingredients. When Fairmount reservoir was emptied recently for repairs, from one to two feet of mud was found on the floor. To remove this would have cost $8,000; but it was not removed, as the bureau of health, following the counsel of its chemists and bacterial agents, was decidedly of the opinion that the cleaning was inadvisable. They argued that the mud deposited by the river water in the reservoirs was, in all probability, no more hurtful in its character than that deposited by the same water…

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