Issue 14 and Volume 22.

PROPOSED NEW WATER WORKS AND IMPROVEMENTS. WEEKLY SUMMARY BY FIRE AND WATER. Pumping engines, two, Chatham, N. J.; Lewis L. Tribus, engineer, New York. System, Billerica, Mass.; Percy Blake, engineer; Hyde Park, Mass. Pumping engine, College Point (L. I), N. Y.; village trustees. System, Genesee Wesleyan seminary, Lima, N. Y.; J. P. Ashley. System, Miffllnburg, Pa.; city clerk. Extension, Somerville, Mass.; city engineer. System, Sidney Centre, Delaware county, N. Y.; president of Sidney Centre Water Works Company. System, Statesville, N. C.; Mayor Harrill. Extension, Troy, N. Y.; Geo. B. Fales, clerk. Pumping engine (4,000.000 gallons) West Gloucester. Mass.; clerk, K. F. Wonson. Pumping engine, Toms River, N. J., Water Company; secretary Toms River Water Company. Water tube boilers, Cleveland, Ohio;Director G. R. Warden. Plant, Jersey City, N. J.. City Clerk Bouton. Mains, Brooklyn, N. Y.;City Commissioner Willis. Improvements, Nevada City, Cal.; city clerk. Two pumping engines (10,000,000 gallons each) pumping…

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