Issue 15 and Volume 22.

FIRE LOSS OF SEPTEMBER. SEPTEMBER has been a fiery month this year. This, however, is usually the case. In many parts of the country the cold season begins; in every part, especially towards the end of the month, there are cold spells which necessitate the lighting of stoves and the use of the heating apparatus in churches, residences,and business houses. This developes defective flues and other unexpected sources of fire, with the result that, from September on to May, the list of fires, more or less destructive, is considerably swelled. This year the loss has been $9,392,000, which exceeds that of the corresponding month by $1,189,350, though it falls short of that for 1895 by $1,373,400. A glance at the following list of large fires which took place during the month will show that some were of really formidable dimensions -especially that at Washington,D. C., described elsewhere in this issue,…

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