Issue 15 and Volume 22.

THE ERIE FIRE PUMPS The accompanying illustration shows a type of duplex crank and fly-wheel fire pumps built by Thos. Manning, jr. & Co., of Cleveland, Ohio, and designed especially for towing and other boats where space is limited or where it is desirable to avoid excessive weighi. The steam cylinders are ten-inch bore and pumps six-inch: both having a common stroke of nine inches. The water end is made entirely of composition, and has a new arrangement of valves, which is simple, easy of access, and very effective. Heavy steel columns extend from base through the pumps, supporting the steam cylinders and firmly bracing the whole. In their construction no special effort is made towards finish except in the working parts—good fire duty being the main object in view. These pumps have been placed in the tugs America and Erie —both belonging to the Erie Tug Company, of Erie,…

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