Issue 15 and Volume 22.

CHARLESTON AND ITS FIREMEN. Charleston, S. C. has long been famous for the excellence of its fire department under Chief Marjenhoff—a name to conjure with among the ranks of fire fighters. Its high reputation has been considerably enhanced of late, owing to the excellent work done by the firemen at several fires of a more or less threatening nature. Two, especially, were so quickly stopped before they had time to complete their work of destruction as to call forth from the Mayor, J. Adger Smyth, Hon. James Simons, and President Doscher. of the Germania Brewing Company, commendations as laudatory as they were well deserved. One of these fires was between Franklin and Trappman streets on Broad street; the other, in the Germania brewery. The latter broke out in the third story of the building and ate its way upwards through the roof, setting fire to the tower, and downwards to…

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