Issue 15 and Volume 22.

COVERED RESERVOIRS vs. AERATION. COVERED reservoirs are frequently resorted to for the purpose of preventing the water from becoming stagnant and averting the development of algae consequent upon exposure to the light and action of the sun. At Linwood, Ohio, a suburban village of Cincinnati, however, there has been adopted for the same purpose the aeration of the water after it is taken from the tube wells. This has been done for two reasons— (i) because it is cheaper than roofing the reservoir over, and (2), because this purification of the water by aeration and thereafter exposing it in uncovered reservoirs to the healthful influence of sunlight and air u’as, from an engineering standpoint, a more effective, and more rational method of treatment. The water undergoes a twofold system of aeration—(i) at the pump room, where the deep-well pumps are made to discharge the water vertically in a spray-like manner…

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