Issue 15 and Volume 22.

SEWERAGE Commissioners for the condemnation of land for the construction of sewers have been appointed at Bloomfield, N. J. The $30,000 intercepting sewer for South Salem, Mass., has been voted inexpedient” by the finance committee“ while the system of general sewerage of the city was having careful consideration.” Woburn, Mass., will spend $17,000 on the construction of new sewers. Hudson. N. Y., will build a $r,ooo brick sewer on State street. Shelby, Ohio, will lay out $20,000 on a sewage disposal system. The city council committee on house drainage has recommended the Waring system for Savannah, Ga.—Col. Waring of New York, to act as engineer and furnish all plans and specifications. If the plans of Dr. Emlen Pbysick are adopted, an improved sewerage system will be built at Cape May N. J. The west side of Saratoga Springs. N. Y., is to be sewered. On October 19, Americus. Ga., will…

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