Issue 15 and Volume 22.

NEW WATER SERVICE AT PROVIDENCE, R. I. The new high pressure water service along Canal, Washington, West Exchange, Aborn, Matthewson, and Jackson streets, and a portion of Weybosset street, Providence, R. L. having been completed and made available for use, it was publicly tested at Exchange place and at Battery street where the land was higher than at the former place, and the pressure, therefore, correspondingly lower. When the test was made,quite a stiff breeze was blowing, which somewhat interfered with its success. Streams, however, from the three pipes tested were easily sent over the top of the highest building—that of the Industrial Trust Company being one. It was decided to send up streams from the low pressure and high pressure services simultaneously, for the purpose of comparison; but the low pressure stream did not reach quite half as high as that from the high pressure. On the first test…

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