Issue 15 and Volume 22.

A CONVENTION OF MAYORS. MAYORS and aldermen sat in convention for the first time last week in the Auditorium at Columbus, Ohio, under the presidency of Mayor Black, of that city. An address of welcome was delivered by Governor Bushnell. The convention, which was far from enthusiastic throughout, was chiefly in the interest of the good government of cities, and the papers read and addresses delivered all looked towards that end. They were as follows: Address, “ Telegraphic systems for the facilitation of fire and police service.” bv Joseph W.Stover, of New York, president of the Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Company; paper, “ Modern construction and maintenance of electric wires and their supervision by municipalities.” by William Brophy, chief electrician of the city of Boston, Mass. A general discussion on fire and police department work followed, after which was an address on “ The proper illumination of city streets,” by…

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