Issue 15 and Volume 22.

MISCELLANEOUS Claremont, N. H., has a handsome new Gleason & Bailey up-to-date four-wheeled hose wagon for one or two horses. It is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and has attachments on each side for chemical fire extinguishers. The tires of the wheels are made considerably wider than the felloes, so as to prevent injury to the woodwork of the wheel when running over frozen ground or striking against curbing. When empty, the wagon weighs about 1,300 pounds; when fully equipped and carrying 800 feet of hose, it weights 1,000 pounds more; cost was $400. The American Fire Engine Company, of Seneca Falls, N.Y., was the successful bidder for a new second-size Silsby engine Allentown, Pa. The same company will also rebuild the Liberty engine belonging to that city. At an official test at Detroit, Mich., of the eighty-five-foot Gleason t% Bailey aerial truck, which is an old Babcock…

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