Issue 16 and Volume 22.

SERIOUS BREAK IN A WATER MAIN. EARLY on Sunday morning, one of the large forty eight inch mains burst at Madison avenue and Forty-second street in this city,and flooded the whole neighborhood. At the point where the break in the main occurred the work of building the underground trolley railway is being carried on, and its contractors have likewise been constructing a small sewer under the direction of the department of public works. The inspector of that department blames a blast for the mischief. Just at the spot is a network of gaspipes, small water mains, and the large water main, forty-eight inches in diameter, which runs from the reservoir in Central Park, and supplies water to a part of the city below Twenty-third street. This main, which is iron, o.ie and one-quarter inch thick, was laid in 1874, has a capacity of 2,000,000 gallons an hour, with a normal…

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