Issue 17 and Volume 22.

DOES PURE WATER PAY? William P. Mason, professor of chemistry in the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at Troy, has lately published a valuable book on water supplies, and, in plainly holding up to view the costliness of obtaining a new pure water supply or of modifying and altering the old one, he demonstrates that no community can afford to rest with anything short of pure water, known of all men to be such. He cites the evils to be expected from any of the water-borne diseases, but especially writes typhoid fever from the cool, calculating standpoint of commercial loss He says: The economic value of an individual is what it has cost his family, the community,or the State for his living .development, and education; it is the loan which the individual has made from the social capital, in order to reach the age when he can restore it by his labor.…

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