Issue 17 and Volume 22.

ARE THE WATER MAINS IN DANGER? AMSTERDAM avenue, along which the Metropolitan Traction Company is laying its underground electric trolley tracks, and along which the Third Avenue Company, unless restrained by some higher power than has as yet manifested itself, will do the same thing, is one of the main arteries of the water supply of this city. No less than six forty-eight inch water msins are laid down beneath its surface whose outside diameter at the joint is forty-eight and one-half-inches. It is claimed by those whose oppose the laying of four underground electric tracks that the safety of these water mains is menaced by the tracks already being laid down by the Metropolitan Traction Company, and that the danger will be multiplied twofold khould the other two sets of tracks be laid by the Third Avenue Company outside those of its rival. Foreseeing this possibility,Gen. Collis, superintendent of…

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