Issue 17 and Volume 22.

MISCELLANEOUS The Boston Belting Company has issued a very neat and well bound vest pocket memorandum book. It contains besides a calendar for 1897 and 1898. some valuable tables relating to belting hose and other goods for which the house has such a world-wide reputation. The company will forward one of these books upon application at the Boston address. The London Times, of September 10, says that a trial was made in the police cells in Portsmouth dockyard of the VajenBader patent smoke protector one cell was hermetically sealed and two fires of cotton-waste, leather, and other substances were lighted. A constable, wearing the helmet, entered and stirred the fires, remaining in the cell for twenty minutes,when he had to be released owing to the heat. Commander Cuddy, of the dockyard reserve, then entered and remained for ten minutes. The trial was considered a complete success, and the helmet to…

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