Issue 17 and Volume 22.

METERAGE OF WATER Boston did not extend the use of meters during the past year, partially because of lack of appropriation. It has. however, reestablished a system of Deacon meters and waste inspection and demonstrates that a lack of proper care and inspection of household fixtures is responsible to a great extent for the daily increase in the consumption of water. If, therefore, the work of the waste inspection division is properly done here is no reason why the consumption cannot be redu_____ Last year the inspectors of waste found 2.810 d fee ive fixtures. During 1896, 331 meters were set; 406, discontinued; 1 520, changed; 441, repaired in factory; and 1,020 repaired in the shop of the Boston water department. The total number in use at present is 4.827. Of these set last year there were ninety-eight Worthingtons,thirty-one Herseys; foity-nine Metropolitans—the rest being of makes more or less well…

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