Issue 20 and Volume 22.

RECENT PATENTS. The following list of patents has been expressly reported for FIRE AND WATER: Hose pipe nozzle—C N. Richardson. Providence, R. I.—It consists of a nozzle for projecting a full stream, having formed one side a nozzle for spraying and a valve at the intersection of said nozzles, adapted to operate to close all flows, to allow the water to flow in either one or both at the same time. -Apparatus for raising water—P. Lormant, Paris. France.—It consists of a box having an inlet and waste outlet, a valve for the latter, a cylinder rising from said box, a valve between the box and cylinder, a piston for said cylinder, and connecting through the spring to the last mentioned valve, means for adjusting said spring a rising pipe communicating with the cylinder between the piston and valve, and an adjustable spring above the piston.—Fire alarm and extinguishing mechanism—T. Y.…

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