Issue 20 and Volume 22.

SEWER SYSTEM OF BUTTE, MONT. Butte, Mont. has had from the first a separate sewer system—the combined system for carrying off both storm water and hose drainage being by no means suitable for a dry climate where water for flushing purposes is scarce. The natural slope of the city reduced the problem of constructing the storm sewers to one of comparative simplicity. Butte is traversed by three well defined water courses, the Missoula, Buffalo, and Old Town gulches, and storm culverts of rubble masonry were placed where the streets intersect the gulches. The Old Town culvert is now constructed fiom the south side of Mercury street to the north side of Wyoming street; Buffalo gulch culvert from the south side of Iron street to the north side of Woolraan street. As yet the Missoula gulch culvert is buiit under four streets only. The walls of these culverts are of stone,…

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