Issue 20 and Volume 22.

NOTES FROM ROME. N Y. [From a correspondent]. ROME, N. Y., November 8, 1897. The board of fire and police commissioners of this city held a meeting last Friday afternoon, all the members being present. A considerable amount of important business was transacted. Samples of aluminum fire hats were shown. Chief Engineer Briggs expressed himself in favor of such hats rather than those of leather now in use, which, after being wet, shrink badly. The aluminum hats are also lighter than those of leather. The clerk was authorized to order eight aluminum hats at $5 each. The chief engineer recommended that Henry Bormann. a permanent fireman at No. 2 house, be appointed engineer of No. 2 steamer, in place of L. E. Seymour who desired to be relieved. The question was raised whether Bormann must take an examination and hold an engineer’s certificate in order to run the engine It…

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