Issue 20 and Volume 22.

WATER SUPPLY OF FALL RIVER The latest report of the water department of Fall River, Mass., shows that the receipts increased from $9 336.50 in 1874, when they were first built by the city,to $119,561.07 in 1834; $131,699 57 in 1894, and $152,456.72 in 1895. Except in the last year, when it was unexpectedly large, the average increase has been at the rate of $5,000 every year. The latest revenue, without the city’s appropriation of $35,000, was $117,45647. There were received from schedule rates $6,955.76; from meter rates, $110,174 71. The number of applications for water during the year was 342, and the entire number of takers on the books was 6,600. The increase in meters was 325—the total number in service being 5,212. The amount expended on pipe-laying was $20,984.65; the total expenditure on water works account proper was $50.147 83. Of pipes from six to twenty-four inches in…

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