Issue 20 and Volume 22.

THE USE OF ASPHALT. IT is only now that New York is really beginning to make any showing in the way of using asphalt for its streets and avenues. In this respect it is far behind many other cities, especially Washington and Buffalo, in each of which asphalt is very much in evidence on every side. Its great advantages are obvious. Its surface is noiseless and so smooth that friction is reduced to the minimum and greater speed thereby obtained; it is much more easily swept and kept clean; wherefore, it is a healthier material for street paving purposes than macadam or Belgian blocks, vitrified bricks, or any other that necessitates the presence of joinings and crevices, or the necessity of employing grouting, which in time works up and leaves long rows of gaping seams, in which is accumulated all the filth from the traffic, whereby are afforded niduses for…

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